Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Update Tommorow

For now you'll just have to settle for another Kate Bekinsale smoking picture.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


No new news on the Gary front. Still resting comfortably and confined to his bed. Here's a good old article from NR about Gary you might want to check out though. The real point of this post is to highlight this month's dvd rental of the month selection- H.O.T.S. H.O.T.S is a cinematic classic. It documents the intense class struggle in what appears to be a typical Southern Californian Community College at the end of 1070's. The beautiful girls, all sufficiently flush with funds from their parents, join prestigious sororities like the Pi House, where they mock and taunt their social lessers. Durring one particularly harsh dressing down, which occurs, appropriately enough, while the girls are changing in the lockeroom, Melody Ragmore, the President of Pi, makes one snide comment too many about the pathetic group of girls who comprised the rejected list of the Pi Pledge class and the rejects plot revenge. Poor as they may be, these girls do have one saving grace- enormous cans. They devise a plan to form a brand new sorority with the secret goal seducing every man on campus, so that, in their words, "the Pi house ends up looking like a convent". And so the hijinks ensue. With bevy of buxom babes and staring a young Donnie Bodaducie, H.O.T.S more than lives up to its name. Pay particular attention to the Wet-T Shirt Dance off, which is perhaps the films strongest moment. No scene in cinema history more accurately summed up the ethos of an entire decade in such a simple and moving way. Other things I love about this movie:

-The POV in the Topless Huddle durring Strip Football
-The "courtroom scene" in which the skinny HOTS girl with the Jackie O sunglasses defends HOTS to the Dean
-The fact that the Dean tries to rape one of the girls, and this is treated comically
-The fact theat the Dean is later inexplicably refereing the Strip Football Game
-The Bear
-Melody's cans
-Donnie Bonaducie attempting to make love to a seal
-"Streets of LA" and the "HOTS Theme Song" (this is actually a pretty good soundtrack

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ayn Rand at 101

This past week marked the 101st anniverssary of Ayn Rand's birth. Despite her many flaws she was probably the most significant female thinker of the 20th Century and now is probably a good time to look back at some of her contributions to the cause of liberty (especially since this blog was not in existence for the centennial). First lets dispense with the bad. Nothing demonstrates Rand's caustic personality and overzealous dogmatism as this 1964 Playboy interview in which she asserts that it is immoral to place family ahead of "productive" work, labels National Review the "worst and most dangerous" magazine in America, and selects Mickey Spillane as the modern author she most admires. Rand's best essay was probably her devasting attack on racism, which to this day remains the most powerful intellectual refutation of the docrtine of racial supremacy ever written. For a good summary of Rand's turbulent life and her contribution to libertarian thought, go here. And finally, I leave you with my personal favorite Ayn Rand moment. It happens towards the end of Dirty Dancing, when Baby confronts Robbie about his decision to to abandon his summer fling Penny after finding out he's impregnated her. Bobby responds:

I didn't spend all summer long toasting bagels just to bail out some little chick who probably balled every guy in the place....Some people count and some people don't. [brings out a copy of The Fountainhead from his pocket] Read it. I think it's a book you'll enjoy, but make sure you return it; I have notes in the margin.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Road To Serfdom

No new Gary news. Still recovering from his injuries. As I'm sure you know, Giselle and Leo broke it off, which gives an excuse to post these pics of her with new flame and perennial rebound man Kelly Slater. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and check out this excellent F.A Hayek website and buy your friend or family member a copy of The Road To Serfdom for Christmas.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Kate Beckinsale Smoking

I don't really get the little red outershorts she is wearing. But there is nothing hotter in this world than a smoking woman smoking. Remember girls, cigarettes help keep you thin. As far as the politics of the issue go, the health Nazi's and their allies in government have been scoring victory after victory lately in their never ending war on freedom. One small group who is standing tall and willing to fight these bastards till the end- Forces International. Give them a visit. They deserve your support.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Reminder of What We are Fighting For

It's time to take our party back:

Fellow Republicans, it is the cause of Republicanism to resist concentrations of power, private or public, which enforce such conformity and inflict such despotism. It is the cause of Republicanism to ensure that power remains in the hands of the people. And, so help us God, that is exactly what a Republican president will do with the help of a Republican Congress.

Barry Goldwater 1964 Acceptance Speech

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tax Policy

In assessing the quality of a potential canidate for office, one should always look at what sort of enemies he attracts. Here's a great article by a disgruntled member of the NM elite who is indignant about the way Gary dismissed a pro-tax report issued by a bunch of self proclaimed "non-partisan" boobs.

Many readers have writen to me asking why exactly they should purchase the Veronica Mars Season 1 DVD. My short answer is that it is the best single season of episodic TV drama since the glory days of the X-Files. But hey, maybe you don't trust me. So I've provided a link to a PDF file of the original pilot script. Read it yourself. Note: this isn't the script from the pilot that actually aired- Rob Thomas originally shopped the pilot to FX and premium cable, so a few things are cleaned up and edited out (fuck becomes screw, the cock bong sadly never materializes, a few of the last names are different, and more substantively, Lilly's body is found at the Kane estate rather than floating in the ocean) but for the most part, its the same.